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Alessandra Bianchi:

Alessandra Bianchi writes about innovative entrepreneurs, clever nonprofits, finance and lifestyle topics. A fearless interviewer, tireless scribe, and incorrigible Liberal Arts defender, she is among that vanishing breed of journalists, the versatile generalist.

she is among that vanishing breed of journalists, the versatile generalist.

With experience covering topics as varied as free-range fish farming, concierges’ greatest hits (Fedexing a Ducati, anyone?), military-inspired newfangled exercise techniques, green 401K investing, and backcountry skiing, no topic is too far-afield for Alessandra. She writes for national magazines, newspapers, universities, financial institutions, and boutique investment firms.

Occasionally, she tackles year-long book editing projects. In 25 years, she has never missed a deadline.

Throughout her school years, Alessandra was the girl in the front row of the classroom eagerly waving her hand. She leverages a willingness to ask anyone any question, considerable research skills and an obsession with the mot juste into a long-running career writing for magazines, newspapers, schools, and financial firms.



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 What people are saying about Alessandra’s work:


 1st Place PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED NONFICTION ARTICLE/ESSAY/BOOK CHAPTER– “Open Season: Answering Blackburn’s Challenge,” Rowing Now – “From a strong, descriptive, creative lead paragraph to the last paragraph of this long article, the author writes as if she were in conversation with someone, telling her story. Her word choices are wise and relevant, and flow very well. Very well done.”


1st Place, 2012 Writers-Editors Network Annual International Writing Competition “Earning Our Turns,” Vermont Magazine – excellent writing: entertains while it informs: writer understands the music of language and plays it well.

1st Place winning essay in Writing It Real’s Fall, 2010 Contest.“In her essay, ‘Earning Our Turns,’ Alessandra Bianchi takes the reader with her on a ski trip via minute details, both interior and exterior. The snow, the cold, the whiteness of the experience combine with observations on the twists and turns of a marriage. The piece is focused and engaging.”

                        — Ellie Mathews, Writing it Real Judge

 I loved Alessandra Bianchi Herman ’86’s poem (Contest Summer 2017)–the sort of poem The New Yorker used to publish when it still had pretensions to being a serious literary magazine. The poem makes a worthy companion piece to James Merrill ’47’s poem about the RCA Victor album  cover dog.

— Jon Pierce ’67, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

“Great job! Really interesting story, lively writing, no questions. I’ll send a long a layout soon for FYI and proofing! No answers on other any pending stuff, but just wanted to pass along praise/appreciation.

Great job.

                       — Kathleen James, Editor, Vermont Magazine

“I would also be open to having you write about something entirely different if you’d like—I was so pleased with how tight your last piece came in, that you pretty much have carte blanche to explore whatever topics you like.”

                     — Ed Winchester, Editor, Rowing News


“Well, that was easy! It’s great. You write beautifully. I like the reportorial style very much.  It has exactly the right level of objectivity.  Thanks so much, Alessandra.  I can’t wait to give you another assignment.”

                    — Darla Hastings, Chief Marketing Officer, Dimensional Fund Advisors


“You’re awesome. I know you’ve already gone above and beyond the call of duty. Our team absolutely LOVED your service piece when we reviewed it together (uncut). It is pretty rare to have such rave reviews!”

– Nancy Branka, Managing Editor, Executive Travel