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         Exciting news!  Grub Street found one of my recent random missives worthy, chosing the sentence below as their winner. (I wonder whether this now makes me a full-fledged Grubbie?) If you’re looking to polish your writing skills, this famed Boston school is well worth your time. This weekly contest is also a wonderful excuse to pay closer attention to anything–including unusual street names–that you happen to pass by. It demonstrates one of my favorite quotations perfectly:
           “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”           — W.B. Yeats
Spreading The Love 3/05/15: Department of Congratulations
“When you grow up on Bald Pate Road, you know that life has something unexpected in mind for you.”
Alessandra Bianchi
We all have pieces that may never make it past the slush pile, but that still contain sentences that shine. In the spirit of giving those words an audience, we’ve created the Dept. of Unpublished Sentences. Send your favorite from your own work to for a chance to have it featured here.

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